With locks stretching from the crown of his head almost to the sole of his feet, the artiste CALI P bears an aura of spirituality often identified with those whose sacred mission it is to take the message of Reggae and RastafarI to the diverse parts of the earth.One is able to discern strains of his multicultural heritage in his music. Born Pierre Nanon to a mother from Switzerland and a Rastafarian father (From the notorious band AKIYO) from the French Caribbean territory of Guadeloupe.While still a teenager Pierre would join his father’s band, and take the unmistakable step in fulfilling his destiny. He then had his first real embrace of Jamaican Dancehall through the GIDEON SOLDIERS sound system at the close of the Twentieth Century and would release his first single “Forward” in 2005. The least, which can be said of CALI P, is that he has been extremely prolific since.His music has brought him to the 4 corners of the world as the artist has graced the stages of some of the world’s biggest festivals including SUMMERJAM (Germany), ROTOTOM (Spain), FESTIVAL DE L’ETE (Canada), REBEL SALUTE (Jamaica), and many more. Over the past 12 years he has been touring extensively all over Europe, Africa and the Carribean and central America.With over 300 released tracks and 4 No1 Albums (ITUNES REGGAE) under his belt, CALI P definitely has a lot more in store for his fans so make sure you look out for his new releases soon. Yes the expectations are high but he clearly has what is required, spiritually and musically speaking.