Originally born in Switzerland and raised between Switzerland and Guadeloupe, this Reggae and Dancehall artist speaks to and for the Caribbean and African diaspora as he regularly chants that we are all one with no division. These lyrics are evidenced in the song “Roll Deep” where the artist proudly states “we roll deep, and when we flex then we flex with the flex of the West Indies …” and goes on to sing “some call it West Indies, some say Caribbean, some call it yaad, but inna mih heart mih know we ah real African!” Spending time equally at home in Switzerland, Guadeloupe and Jamaica, Cali P is focused on staying true to his roots, and connected to the spirit and energy of the people, the very ones he represents through his music. “Since I came to Jamaica I've been overwhelmed by the support and love of the people which means a lot to me, as it is the home of Reggae music” said the artist. “My greatest inspiration comes from life and the people in this beautiful world.”