Kemar Ottey more popularly known as DING DONG is the dancer-turned-deejay that is leader of the RAVERS CLAVERS dance team. He grew up in Nannyville Gardens, Kingston and has been dancing since the time he could stand up on his two feet. Greatly influenced by the likes of BOGLE aka MR WACKY and ELEPHANT MAN, who helped him to establish himself as a dancehall dancer, he has turned out to be one of the most influential dancer and performer on the island.The success and popularity he gained early in his career still holds its own in the current music and dance scene. Songs such as the major hit from 2009 “Holiday”, “Skip to my Lou” featuring QQ, “Bad Man Fwd” and “Ravers ah Gyalis” are played at every staging of all the popular weekly events in Jamaica and abroad.DING DONG’s music has been consistently clean which when added to the vibe he brings, creates the reason he is frequently used for corporate events and endorsements.