Best known as STYLO G, Jason McDermott (born July 16th, 1985) is Britain’s Fastest - rising Dancehall star. Born in Spanish Town, Jamaica, STYLO G moved to the UK (South London) in 2000 at the young age of 15, inspiring him to create his own style as a bridge between the cold streets of London and the hot and Sunny island of Jamaica.2012 was an explosive year for STYLO G with the release of underground smash hit and his breakthrough track “Call Mi a Yardie”. A quintessential carnival track, it won the support of radio, TV and DJ’s alike, and was the first track to break him in to the international scene and allowed his to gain approval of his peers in the industry. He swiftly followed up with “Soundbwoy” which was his first track to enter the UK mainstream charts.After a solid string of singles, he released his debut album 10 years later in 2018, including his hit single “Yuh Zimme” feat CHIP which sold over 20’000 copies in the UK. The success of the project led him to do a tour with over 25 shows all over Europe, his latest Milestone is his feature with Spanish star MALA RODRIGUEZ “Contigo” which racked up over 8 MILLION VIEWS in the first Month. On top of that, his latest single “Touch Down” has taken the dancehall community by storm, initiating the #TouchDownChallenge on social media which made the song go viral – 2019 will without a doubt see him take him career to the next level!