SR. WILSON has been one of the best secrets kept on the spanish reggae scene. But from now one this will change, expanding new horizones, with his new studio album: ‘Paso Firme‘.

Following a very busy 2014, this Barcelonian artists opens the summer season by presenting his second album on the stores. A work composed and mixed by Genís Trani, who counted with the constant collaboration of Wilson, at the Catalan factory Reggaeland.

A one year and a half work that ends in a solid and strong album and that goes through the influences and living of the artist in a mature and personal way. If you ask in the scene circle, they will tell you that Sr. Wilson means versatility and vocal range quality above average, which is perfectly reflected in his album, ‘Paso Firme‘. You can find in it a diversion of musical styles such as the classics Rub A Dub, Roots Reggae or Rockers, but also with room for more modern productions like New Roots, Hip Hop or Dancehall.

Without ever abandoning his personal and warm style, the artists nourish himself of ‘old school’ and the notorious singjay, seasoned in thousands of Soundsystems and with no fear for embracing other periods like the late’s 80 and 90s.

In short, an album rich in personal touches, fresh sound and ambition. A work that we’re sure will give people a lot to talk about, even beyond the specialized circles


1.- ¿Quién Viene?
2.- Capital Tiene el Control
3.- Busca
4.- Instante
5.- El Muro Feat. Sharif & Rapsusklei
6.- Step by Step
7.- Worldwide Revolution Feat. Mellow Mood
8.- La Verdad
9.- Cool & Calm Feat. Payoh SoulRebel
10.- Enemy
11.- Feel Good
12.- My Teachers