Fullfillment - 2009

Third album Fulfillment draws the bulk of its rhythms from Kemar Flava McGregor of No Doubt Records. McGregor along with Shane Brown of Jukeboxx productions have been the most consistent one drop rhythm makers of the last few years. Their slick, bass-light but undeniably roots backings have shown the critics that traditional reggae continues to prosper in the land of its birth.

Fenda’s brash delivery contrasts nicely with the cleanliness of Flava’s productions. Heights uses the now familiar 83 rhythm as a platform to decry the inequities and iniquities of Jamaica today; Survivor takes the brooding Rocksteady (not to be confused with Peckings rebuild of Alton Ellis’ far more cheery Rocksteady); and the obligatory weed tune is Herbalist Farmer on the Drop It rhythm.

Brown himself also contributes to the record with It’s Getting Serious on his synth stringed Nylon rhythm, which fits with the other tracks just fine. The three combination duets feature the high-contrast falsetto of I Wayne (on drum free ballad on Thin Line), the booming Bushman (Time Tough) and the suitably no-nonsense early dancehall singer Sammy Dread (for a revamp of the closer to his Roadblock LP, M16, re-titled Bad Boy).