Genesis (2009)

The album kicks off after the short “Intro” with the excellent “2000 Gal” across the big ‘Drumline’-riddim for Black Chiney, followed by “Garrison” over Natural Bridge’s ‘Gully Slime’-riddim and the excellent (though extremely violent) “Gully Gun” over the big ‘Sidewalk University’-riddim that Jammy ‘Jam 2′ James produced together with Colin ‘Demarco’ Edwards. What more can you want from the start of a dancehall album, the first tunes define the program of this typical hardcore dancehall Ward 21 album. Then it’s time for the first of 2 combinations with Eggy formerly known as Danny English sidekick , a next version of their “Dem Dutty Life” originally recorded over the massive ‘Shoot Out’-riddim from yet another junior Jammy’John John’ but excellent in this incarnation as well just a little later followed by the even harder kicking “Dis Badman” over Sly & Robbie’s fabulous ‘Taxi’-riddim and squeezed in between the two is the also magnificent “Dress Back” featuring Jammy’s songwriter, producer and engineer Black Pearl.

A wicked self-produced re-lick of ‘Cuss Cuss’ backs the simple yet extremely catchy ganja tune “Brown Eyes Bleed” before (Bassrunner Productions’ selector Loopus and Florian Richling (of electro-project Tipanic) together operating as) Luke R.I.C.H. provide with their outstangind ‘Airwolf’-riddim the brilliant “Bang Bang” gals tune, followed by the hilarious and superb “Give It Up” alongside one of Ward 21’s female discoveries Timberlee, the with a dancing instruction opened “All Around The World” badman/gangster tune that is almost euro-house with its four to the floor Renaissance ‘Tunda Klap’-riddim and the insanely infectious “Cookie Jar” alongside Tifa, the upcoming singing sensation Latifah Brown under their tutelage. Then T.O.K. join Ward 21 for one of the highlights of this album the massive “Funeral Spot” over a ‘Showtime’-like riddim, followed by the very entertaining “Lu” and “Here I Come”, Ward 21’s own take on their ‘Rae’-riddim (that spawned the monster combination “Bubble Like Soup” with Tifa) and another combination “Real Badman” with Elephant Man, originally recorded over the ’18 Geez’-riddim but here even stronger over Ward 21’s ‘Stinkin Dutty Water’-riddim.

Then it’s back to Austrian productions again, first with Luke R.I.C.H. with another great riddim backing “Shake Up Ya” that is destined to get every dancefloor filled once the selector drops the tune and the first single taken from the album “Rock The Spot”, produced by Richvibes Records’ Richman & General Sens over their very funny percussive strange sounding but fast growing on you selftitled ‘Richvibes’-riddim.