Ghetto Gramma

ghetto grama

On the heels of his masterpiece My Xperience, Bounty Killer breaks away from VP Records for this British release (although his previous had been released on both VP and Greensleeves). Like My Xperience, Ghetto Gramma’ (not short for grandmother) is 20 tracks thick, but unlike the earlier album, Ghetto gives the distinct sense of having filler material thrown in, particularly the grating “Book Book Book,” whose chorus is sung to the melody of “Rock Around the Clock.” Blech. Still, with 20 songs, there is a good amount of more decent stuff here. Several of these tracks are singles that had already been available on various compilations — the weed anthem “Smoke the Herb,” “You’ve Got Me Waiting,” the minimalist DJ version of Dawn Penn’s “No No No,” and the DJ version of Junior Reid’s “Gun No Have Sense,” here titled “This World’s Too Haunted.” These are all solid songs, but they’ve worn thin due to exposure on other collections. More enjoyable are “Ancient Day Killing,” “I’ll Be Back,” “Time to Realize,” “Mi Heart Beat,” and the funky hip-hop “Fat and Sexy” (the only hip-hop beat on the album).