Down in the Ghetto

down the ghetto

More sophisticated rhythms and rhymes elevate this effort slightly above Roots Reality & Culture. Even if all of the songs aren’t great, each has some likeable element in it. Several of Bounty Killer’s more popular tunes are included here: “Down in the Ghetto,” “Smoke the Herb,” “Cellular Phone,” and the “Flava in Your Ear” remix of “Not Another Word” — but only the latter two do a whole lot for me. Better are “Trespass,” “Gal” — with its unique sound effects — “Inspired By God,” and “If a War.” Compared to the last album, this one is more mature, both musically and lyrically, as the gun lyrics ease up a bit to refreshing effect. Bounty Killer was obviously on his way up with Down in the Ghetto, and his output would only get higher on his next album.