Roots, Rality & Culture

roots reality culture

Glancing at the title, you might think that this is a conscious, cultural album. However, upon noticing song titles like “Kill For Fun,” “Gun Thirsty,” “Spy Fi Die,” and “New Gun,” you get a sense of the true nature of Roots Reality & Culture. Of course, if you know Bounty Killer, you’d already know what most of his songs are about: rudeness, slackness, gun lyrics, what I suppose he would say is the “reality” referred to in the title. This theme may get a bit old for some people, but he pulls it off with such panache, such and appealing bravado and vocal style that he was destined to be the star he eventually became. This album features simple yet firm beats, as exemplified by “Lodge,” which utilizes the Stalag 17 rhythm made famous in Wayne Smith’s “Under Mi Sleng Teng.” Bounty Killer flexes his skills by breaking down the beat to its bare bones and running roughshod over it with his aggressive vocals. Also excellent are “Coppershot” and “Disrespect,” which each use a relaxed rhythm that contrasts with yet compliments his rudie lyrics. A nice preview of things to come from The Killer. Note: This album was released also by Greensleeves Records as Jamaica’s Most Wanted.