The Sound

The Sound - 2014-

“This was the first album he recorded in the Virgin Islands, so I think Pressure was very comfortable during the whole recording process. I think the songs really reflects his identity as an artiste and as a Rastaman, more than any other previous album,” Alfred told Splash. “It’s an organic, natural-sounding album, and the messages that he wrote about really fit perfectly with the music.”
The Sound has already got some traction in the USVI. One of its 14 tracks, Virgin Islands Nice, is the official song for the country’s tourist board.
Two of the songs, Who You Are and Nothing No Wrong, were recorded at the Tuff Gong studios in Kingston. Roots singer Lutan Fyah teams with Pressure Busspipe on Stop This Train.
The burly Pressure Busspipe is from the USVI territory of St Thomas. He had a big hit in Jamaica in 2007 with the Don Corleon-produced Love And Affection.