U Know How We Roll

U Know How We Roll (2003)

King Jammy’s young protégés are let out of the Ward to deliver their second album entitled “U Know How We Roll”. Since the release of their debut set “Mentally Disturbed”, Ward 21 have watched their popularity rise and garnered much respect within the dancehall world as topnotch performers as well as producers. Andre, Kunley, Randaldo and Mark or Suku, Kunley, Rumblood & Mean Dog as they are more affectionately known started out like many music junkie youths in the Kingston ghettos on various sound systems in their community. They were fortunate to gain their musical experience from one of Jamaica’s most influential and groundbreaking producers King Jammy at his legendary studio situated on St Lucia Avenue, Waterhouse, Kingston JA, which is also where the members of Ward 21 grew up. In 2001 the hyped up Ward 21 dropped their much anticipated debut album “Mentally Disturbed”, which established the outfit as an exciting new act. Their unique approach as captured on their own riddims such as “Bellyas”, “Volume” and “Trilogy”, provided a fresh twist in dancehall music.

In the time between their debut album and this brandnew collection they have consolidated their position in Jamaica’s extremely competitive dancehall arena with a series of entertaining hardcore dancehall singles for various producers. Many of those are featured on this set including the ferocious “Petrol” on Jammy’s classic “Peanie Peanie” riddim, “Hotta Betta Phatta” on South Rakkas Crew’s outrageous street beat called “Clappas”, “Rhyme”, “Coochie Zone” and “No Apologies” on Don Corleon’s “Krazy”, “Good To Go” and “Mad Ants” riddims respectively. Other singles that are also presented here are the wicked “Bug Out” on Jammy’s “Mexican”, “Hey Gal” on the “G String” and the combination with Bounty Killer, “Badda Than That”.
The riddims on this album are all great and the 20 tracks show that Ward 21 has something to say about almost everything. When they want to be serious they can be, but most of the time it’s topical comment that these guys deal with. With “U Know How We Roll” the members of Ward 21 have delivered another proof of their unique talent and versatility. Definitely worthwhile checking out!!