Welcome to Málaga

Welcome to Malaga (2012)

“Welcome To Malaga are the first words that i Heard when i step in Andalucia ” Inity said, Undisputed Records executive producer, reknown French label and part of the sound system Irie Crew.

What original was suposed to be 2 days in Malaga to record a single with Dragon Davy and Shabu, became this EP. The good vibe Inity, Dragon Davy and Málaga make them change their return flight and stay some more days. After this first trip 2 more come in order to make this EP posible, this time alongside Taïro.

The result is 7 tracks between Roots, Hip Hop and Dancehall, recorded in several studios in Malaga Niggaswing, Upskillz Records y Showtime, between French and Spanish artists.