My Xperience

my xperience

Bounty Killer’s magnum opus, this album sets a new standard for quality dancehall. My Xperience is 20 tracks thick, and unlike many hip-hop albums, none of these are stupid 2-minute skits. In fact, there is no filler whatsoever. I like almost every song, and even the ones I don’t like quite as much (“Living Dangerously” comes to mind) I can tell are nonetheless high quality. There is enough material for two good albums here, let alone one. Wonderful rhythms — ranging from high-energy digital dancehall to a laid-back rootsy feel to hip-hop (limited to a well-chosen 4 or 5 cuts) — and vocals — with nice guest appearances by Dennis Brown, Jeru da Damaja, The Fugees, Beenie Man, and Raekwon, among others — permeate this album from start to finish. Bounty Killer displays the remarkable talent of being able to take familiar rhythms — Sly Dunbar’s “Unmetered Taxi” on “The Lord Is My Light & Salvation” and Sister Nancy’s “Bam Bam” on “Gun Down” — and songs — Dennis Brown’s “Revolution” on “Revolution III” and Michael Sembello’s “Maniac” on “Maniac” — tweaking them a bit, and making them completely fresh and enjoyable in another light. It’s hard to pick favorite tracks here, since they’re all of similarly high quality, but “Mama” is darn good. While not as original as the roots style that Buju Banton dropped on the world on Til Shiloh, the material on My Xperience is generally more entertaining. It is bigger, better, and badder than most other dancehall releases out there.