ADALA (Born Guillem Simó from Barcelona) is an artist with a revolutionary mission. His songs deal with social criticism, ethics and spirituality, all while heavily criticizes the capitalistic system in which we live in. Together with the SAME SONG BAND (Roger 'Bongoroll' Villanueva (drums), Quim 'King Siva' Simó (sax), Otger Ibars (piano), Martín 'Mato' Anderson (guitar) and Kike Zudaire (bass)), they are inspired by, and therefore naturally gravitated to one of the most libertarian musical styles in recenty history: Revolutionary reggae from the 70’s and 80’s. ADALA burst on to the local scene in 2018 by releasing to critical acclaim his first project, a 3 Volume EP: “Born - Cel - Ona” – which all put together creates his 14 track debut album. The Album is a tribute to the “Dub poetry” genre, skillfully mixing the narration of texts with melodies on reggae and dub rhythms. His revolutionary attitude can not only been heard through the powerful lyrics in his songs but also, and even more so felt and seen live, as every show is more of a “Storytelling performance” than a regular concert. Accompanied by the SAME SONG BAND as well as some original Theatre props, light show and a décor, ADALA takes every single auditor on an amazing musical and spiritual journey.