SR. WILSON is one of the most respected artists of the national Reggae scene. His career dates back to 2008, although it is not until 2012 when SR. WILSON enters the professional scene with his first album Good Man Style (New Beats, 2012) with which his first single "Chatty Chatty" took the attention of the whole scene always accompanied by Badalonians sound. It is from this moment that the career of SR. WILSON takes off and starts performing throughout the country as well as shyly his first raids on the European Dub scene. SR. WILSON enters the scene of festivals with frequent performances in VIÑAROCK, ROTOTOM SUNSPLASH, CABO DE PLATA, ETNOSUR, BAM, LAGATA REGGAE FESTIVAL many times accompanied by his previous band THE BLACKSTARLINERS, currently with THE ISLAND DEFENDERS. In parallel he gets all the attention of the Dub scene with the help of OBF with presence in some of the most important festivals in Europe: GARANCE REGGAE FESTIVAL, REGGAE SUN SKA, OVERJAM, UPRISING FESTIVAL, OUTLOOK FESTIVAL... SR. WILSON is one of the most internationally renowned artists with performances not only throughout Europe but also in the USA, Canada, Japan, Mexico, or Colombia.